Our Services
Systems We Work With
We work with multiple platforms, Operating Systems and Digital Equipment. We specialise in anti-cybercrime Computer and IT Procedures where we repair corrupted systems and restore them to their normal state. To be a computer technician we must have a very broad and wide variety of skills to meet the needs our clients and that is what we always aim to maintain is a broad and wide set of skills and knowledge to help our clients with almost anything that could be presented to us.

We are skilled and fluent with Microsoft Windows, a wide variety of Linux and Unix Operating Systems and Apple Max OS X. We remove Viruses and Malware developed by cybercriminals from all these systems but to date we have had zero need to remove such infections and problems from any Linux Operating System we have provided to our clients.

Custom System Builds & Hardware Diagnostics
Every Desktop Computer we use in our small business is a custom build or a "Bare Metal Build". This means we sourced each and every part and we build the desktop from the ground up to meet our needs. We prefer to use Linux Ubuntu for our business needs and we are most happy to provide Linux Ubuntu (which is 100% free) to our clients so they can benefit from the Operating System and environment that makes our business tick in the background.

We are absolutely happy to sit down with our clients and select the hardware necessary to build you your dream computer be it for Internet and document processing only or a fully fledged gaming system / PC we can build it. We listen to our clients and select what is best for them and their budged constraints so you get the best system for your money.

Data Recovery & Profile Management
Sometimes terrible things happen and computers die and we are very capable of attempting to recover your data such as your Internet and Email Profiles or your lost Product Keys for your software licenses. Depending on the severity of the damage we may outsource the recovery to some very specific and specialised business in data recovery who operate in Sydney but we can count on one hand how often this needs to be done.

We also specialise in Data Recovery and Profile Management so you can upgrade from an older computer to a new one and our objective is to make the entire process as seamless as possible so your transition is as impact free as we can make it.

Website Development & Social Media Management
We have just acquired special software for our MacBook Pro that allows us to develop new and modern websites. We used this software to create this website and we will be using it to help some other companies and businesses we work for to develop their own websites. We were using older HTML editing and development platforms but we needed to upgrade and in the upgrade we are mostly impressed with what we can now develop for our business clients.

We have also been developing a number of multimedia videos for our business clients and uploading these videos to YouTube so our clients can better promote and advertise their business or companies. Often when we do website development work we lease with hosts we trust and have worked with in the past and for marketing and google analytics we have a company who we can take our clients to that specialises in ensuring your google searches result in your business being number one in those search priorities and results.

We have also assisted our business clients with developing their social media business accounts and managing those accounts so they can reach out to more clients and customers who may be interested in the products and services those business have.

Field & Remote Support Options
We provide out clients with both field support and remote support options. We often visit our clients in their homes or places of business to assess first hand the issues and problems and we make decisions with our clients on the best action(s) to take. Some jobs can be simple and others complicated but we have decided it is best for our clients to have static or fixed fees so our clients know roughly what they will be invoiced for because we never want to shock someone with an invoice they can not afford. We pay for the remote support software and our clients benefit by being able to use this software for free.

All the software we provide to our clients is free and where a client needs to pay for specific software or a license to use certain software we are most happy to facilitate and assist the client with their purchase(s) and setting up their proprietary software. Our job is to make things as easy as we can for you and that is our goal.